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HELP WANTED: Editorial Chair
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:06:26 pm »
General Responsibilities:
This position will help with making sure that all of the editorial content is assigned,
edited and delivered on time per our editorial calendar. They will work closely with
the Marketing Officer & Director of Communications & Marketing to make sure all
desired content is covered and assist in communication initiatives of the WFTDA.

Specific Responsibilities:
Organize proofing and writing schedules of volunteers.
Helps schedule releases on WFTDA.com and make sure releases that are scheduled are completed on time.
Work with Social Media Chair to plan and execute social media posts and campaigns.

Mandatory skills needed:
Daily access to WFTDA email.
Strong experience with writing, editing both short and long-form content.
Great people management skills. 50% of this position is managing other volunteers.
Takes the initiative to get things done. Can execute the “DO” and figure out the “HOW TO” once they understand the “WHY”.
Strong communication skills
Strong project management skills

Desired Qualifications:
Experience with WFTDA communication tools is a plus, but not necessary (i.e. Forum, Latest News, Newsletters, Website, Social Media)
Understanding of the WFTDA’s audiences and different communication strategies.

Pending Projects:
Create and update WFTDA writing style guides
Develop content for 2020 season
Planning of Newsletter content
Post Season content creation

Time Commitment:
10-15 hours per week. Although this position is primarily organizing a team of writers, editors, and newsletter coordinators, there are opportunities to contribute to writing projects. This person will be frequently called on for their opinion on the content and for their support in moving projects through the final phase of completion.