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HELP WANTED: Certification Worker (3 positions)
« on: February 28, 2017, 10:28:59 pm »
Committee: Certification

Contact info: muffin@wftda.com (HR for Certification)

Reports to: Depending on the specific role or job, a Certification Worker may report to a member of Certification Oversight, or a Certification Panel Chair. This is subject to change based on the details of the new Certification system, and the needs of the committee.

Time Commitment:   5-10 hours/Week

Description: Certification Workers help Certification by organizing the vast amount of information that Certification has about officials. This primarily includes the processing of evaluations (validation, verification, and processing of emailed-in evaluations, plus summarization as necessary). Additional information management work may be required as Certification grows and evolves.

Mandatory Skills needed:
• Detail-oriented.
• Strong knowledge of Google Docs and Gmail.
• Organizational skill, especially in online environments.
• Confidentiality and ability to handle sensitive information appropriately.
• Regular / consistent access to a computer with internet.

Desired Qualifications:
• Familiarity with other information management software, such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.

Personal Requirements:
• Proven record of responding to email, both personal and professional, in a timely manner (2 business days).
• Proactive communication of availability (so that we can be sure your job is covered when you take time off or go on vacation, and so that we can give you time off before you burn out).

Example Responsibilities:
• Process evaluations for Certification.
• Update Google Doc spreadsheets listing all received documents pertaining to Certification.
• Verifying documents received are properly filled out.
• Assisting Panel members with organizational projects.
• Ensuring applications are complete and deadlines are met.

Current Projects:
• Paperwork processing as necessary (including filing incoming feedback and evaluations)
• Auditing and reorganizing historical evaluations

To apply: Please complete application, right click and save as in this format: JobTitle.YYMMDD.Skater Name, and submit it to helpwanted@wftda.com with the position in the subject line. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the application.

Application here: https://wftda.sharepointsite.net/Admin/HR/Human%20Resources/WFTDA%20Job%20Application.pdf