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HELP WANTED: Games Officer
« on: August 17, 2020, 01:43:44 pm »
TIME COMMITMENT: 5-10 Hours Per Week
HIRING MANAGER: Board of Directors
CONTACT: directors@wftda.com

Per Article IX of the WFTDA bylaws the officers of the WFTDA shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Each officer shall hold office for a term of two years, with a maximum of three terms as outlined in the WFTDA Conflict of Interest policy..  Should an Officer desire to continue in their role at the end of their term, they will re-apply for the position. 


Translate high level initiatives into actionable objectives for the committees within their pillar
Facilitate cross-pillar collaboration
Serve as subject matter experts in their area and are leaders in the formation of policies
Work closely with WFTDA Staff (when applicable), ensuring that organisational values are reflected in our business strategies
Act as the voice of Membership in the day-to-day work of the WFTDA
Responsible for leading discussions with Membership and proposing ballots
On-board and oversee committee chairs


Must be a Member, in good standing, of the WFTDA
Make a reasonable effort to attend in-person events as a representative of WFTDA leadership (e.g the Roller Derby World Summit)--approved travel will be reimbursed according to the WFTDA travel policy
Attend Online Annual Meeting
Be active in a committee(s) with relevant experience for a minimum of 1 year preferably as someone in a committee leadership position
Uphold the WFTDA Code of Conduct
Maintain a professional  online presence (e.g., forum, Basecamp Projects, email and other productivity tools)
WFTDA Job Application
One Letter of Recommendation from a representative of the applicant's Member Organization governing body (League BoD, Steering Committee, etc.), backing the application and confirming the applicant's eligibility and suitability for the position.
Two Letters of Recommendation from any WFTDA Member Organization active skater or official representative, backing the application and the applicant's suitability for the position.
Letter of interest and resume that includes relevant qualifications and experience (paid or unpaid jobs), prior WFTDA committee jobs, brief summary of involvement in roller derby (including any non-WFTDA roles) as well as goals and plans for your time in the position.
Please email application materials to directors@wftda.com
Each candidate is being assessed on their  skills, perspective, knowledge and experience. Diversity in leadership is a priority to ensure we are living our value of representation in democracy. Diversity in leadership does not mean discriminating against anyone and we encourage everyone who is interested to apply.


The Games Policy Officer will manage the development, membership approval, management and enforcement of all WFTDA Games policies:
The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, including oversight of Rules Committee calls and the balloting process
All Games policies including the Sanctioning Policy, Forfeit Policy, Expulsion and Suspension Policy, Tournament Policies.
Work with Risk Management and WFTDI Compliance/Insurance to manage the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines.
Creation and review of WFTDA Competitive pathways and all associated policies and programs (WFTDA Rankings algorithm and policy, Strength Factor Challenge Program, Tournament Officials selection policies, Tournament Location selection policies)
Oversight of the Games Review Panel to ensure a fair system for review of policy infractions and coordination with WFTDI Compliance and Insurance.
Ensure all policies are updated and available for members
Work with WFTDA staff to coordinate WFTDA policies with WFTDA partner National Governing Bodies

The Games Operations Officer will manage the operations of the Games Pillar including:
The sanctioning and rankings process, including support for operation of the WFTDA Member Portal (charters), Game and tournament sanctioning, and WFTDA Rankings Calculator
WFTDA tournament bid process, including oversight of the Tournament Location Selection Panel’s work to support staff bid selections
WFTDA tournament seeding process and officials staffing, including oversight of the Tournament Officials Selection Panel’s selection process.
The collection of and recording of games statistics and availability to members, including management of the Sports Information Committee and work to create tournament statistics books.


Games Policy
Release of updates to the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and scheduling of next appropriate round of beta tests and full revision in August 2021.
Work with WFTDA Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Global Programs to update and consolidate the WFTDA Sanctioning and other games policies into a shared document with partner NGBs and association-specific procedure documents.
Work with Statistics, SIC (Sports Information Committee) and Officiating to create a Statistics Policy for the WFTDA that sets up a minimum stats requirement for sanctioning and process to provide additional stats for postseason play needs.
Work with Competitive Play to create a planned return to roller derby that transitions WFTDA into a more sustainable competitive system that can be better integrated with existing and needed regional competitions.
Work with WFTDA staff and the Tournament Location Selection Panel to revamp the tournament bid selection process to better suit the needs of our membership and to support a more efficient and economical operation of our events.
Work with Officiating Officer(s) to move TOSP to Games and reassess the selection process to better meet officiating staffing and strategic plan goals and to fit the transition back into a new competitive structure.
Work with the Games Review Panel, WFTDA Sanctioning, WFTDA Risk Management and WFTDI to review policies for infractions and to delineate between insurance and WFTDA policies.

Games Operations
Support WFTDA staff, WFTDA Sanctioning and WFTDA Rankings in the development of sanctioning and rankings technologies to support charter roster submission, game and tournament sanctioning and rankings management.
Work with Sanctioning and Rankings on the return to roller derby to ensure that all COVID-19 policies are being implemented properly and to support the committee return to activity.
Work with the Games Review Panel, WFTDA Sanctioning, WFTDA Risk Management and WFTDI to review procedures for infractions and to delineate between insurance and WFTDA responsibilities.
Work with the Sports Information Committee to review the sports information book process.
Once the WFTDA returns to global competition, this Officer will work with Games committees to manage all operations, including sanctioning, rankings, tournament seeding, compliance and officials staffing.

To apply:


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Re: HELP WANTED: Games Officer
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2020, 10:13:47 pm »
Hello! Is there still time to apply? Thank you!
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Re: HELP WANTED: Games Officer
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2020, 04:56:50 pm »
Kim H Fandango  (Kimmy)
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