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Committee: Social Media, Marketing Pillar

Chair: Betty Gesserit

Contact info: bettygesserit@wftda.com

Position: Facebook Community Liaison: Central & South America

Time Commitment: (per week/month) 20 hours/month

You will serve as a community representative for the official WFTDA Facebook Pages. This appropriately responding to messages, comments, and posts directed at the WFTDA, particularly those posted between the hours specific to roller derby in the Central & South America regions.

Mandatory Skills
- Familiarity with Facebook and Facebook culture
- English speaker (those speaking English as a second language are welcome and encouraged to apply)
- Strong Spanish spelling/grammar skills
- Access to email and Facebook throughout the day
- Ability to exercise good judgment

Desired Qualifications
- Prior experience managing a Facebook account for a business, league or other organization
- Portuguese language proficiency

Apply Here: