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HELP WANTED: OffTech Cert/TOSP/Games Liaison
« on: April 20, 2020, 11:03:10 pm »
Committee: Officiating Technical Projects
Chair: Dread Hochuli
Contact info: dread@wftda.com

Position: OffTech Cert/TOSP/Games Liaison

Time Commitment:  4-6 hours per month

Job Responsibilities:
OffTech is responsible for the development of the OHD and the StatsBook. You will be responsible for interfacing with other committees inside and outside the Officiating Pillar (Cert/TOSP/Games) to understand standards and develop OffTech requirements for the Officiating History Document (OHD) and StatsBook. You will be responsible for clearly communicating those requirements back to the appropriate OffTech team members.

Excellent Communication Skills
Experience with web-based collaboration and communication products
Experience using the Officiating History Document / Games History Document and StatsBook
1 year of active Flat Track Roller Derby officiating
Detail oriented
Able to work in a team environment
Capable of working to meet deadlines and schedules

Apply here: