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HELP WANTED: Rules Application Panel
« on: October 05, 2019, 03:45:34 am »
Committee: Rules

Chair/Manager:  Darth Bling

Contact info: darthbling@wftda.com

Position: Application Panelist

Time Commitment:   2-4 hours a week

Hiring Process:
If an Application Panel position is vacant, the Rules Committee Chairperson will post the vacancy on the WFTDA message board. The Theory Panel and Chairperson will review all applicants and will select the candidate for the position. The WFTDA Board of Directors will vet the eligibility of the candidate to ensure that the individual has met minimum requirements.

Candidates must submit a formal application and meet the following experience requirements:
•Availability to make the commitment to 1-2 hours per month for attending meetings plus up to 10 hours per week performing tasks and providing deliverables.

•Ability to have an online presence (at least every other day) to review and participate in discussions.

•Demonstrated knowledge of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

•Knowledge of the game of roller derby. At least two (2) years’ bouting experience in WFTDA games as a skater or official. Participation in at least one (1) WFTDA tournament is a bonus.

•Application Panel candidates must show strong technical writing or visual arts ability, providing samples of applicable work.

•Marketing research, balloting or survey writing skills are desired.

•Strong organizational and written and oral  communications skills.

•Experience with coaching and training is a bonus.

•Ability to think creatively and critically.

•Ability to meet deadlines.

•Access to MS Word, Excel, Acrobat and other productivity tools.

The Application Panel’s role on the Committee is to:
•Work side-by-side with the Rules Theory Panel on rules initiatives and revisions.

•Write ballots on the rules concepts developed by Theory Panel, which may include  specific language for inclusion in the final rules document, for WFTDA Membership and Officials Committee vote.

•Create and maintain written and visual rules revisions as directed by the Theory Panel, supporting rules ballots.

•Work with the other members of the Committee to publish rules revisions on a bi-annual revision schedule. Participate in rules feedback discussions with proposed rules language, as needed by the Theory Panel

Application here: https://forms.gle/bky1FUjev23q6PQc6
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