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HELP WANTED: Education Officer
« on: October 04, 2019, 02:55:29 pm »
POSITION: Education Officer
TIME COMMITMENT: 5-10 Hours Per Week

Per Article IX of the WFTDA bylaws the officers of the WFTDA shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Each officer shall hold office for a term of two years, with no limitation on the number of terms the officer may serve.

Must be a Member in good standing, of the WFTDA
Make a reasonable effort to attend in-person events as a representative of WFTDA leadership (e.g the Roller Derby World Summit)--approved travel will be reimbursed according to the WFTDA travel policy
Attend Online Annual Meeting
Be active in a committee(s) with relevant experience for a minimum of 1 year as reflected by job sheets and committee projects, preferably as someone in a committee leadership position
Uphold the WFTDA Code of Conduct
Maintain a professional online presence (e.g., logging hours, # of posts, last time logged in, continuous presence)
WFTDA Job Application
One Letter of Recommendation from a representative of the applicant's Member Organization governing body (League BoD, Steering Committee, etc.), backing the application and confirming the applicant's eligibility and suitability for the position.
Two Letters of Recommendation from any WFTDA Member Organization active skater or official representative, backing the application and the applicant's suitability for the position.
Intent to run and resume that includes relevant qualifications and experience (paid or unpaid jobs), prior WFTDA committee jobs, brief summary of involvement in roller derby (including any non-WFTDA roles) as well as goals and plans for your time in the position.
Please email application materials to directors@wftda.com

This is a new position and is open to be shaped closely with the overseeing staff member to envision and drive campaigns, projects, and initiatives, while also supporting the management of volunteers (especially committee chairs). The staff and Officer positions will partner and coordinate very closely.
The Education Officer will work with WFTDA staff and volunteers to support Educational initiatives and operations, will liaise with the WFTDA Board of Directors and Education committees, and will be responsible for ensuring that the organization’s vision and goals of Education are implemented in the programs, committees and initiatives.
This is an Officer-level position, which serves on the leadership team of the WFTDA. It requires vision, leadership, and delegation. A strong knowledge of the WFTDA, and the programs that already exist is a plus.

Directly oversees and supports WFTDA’s Education committees (Officiating Education, Skating Education, Online Learning + Testing, NEW: Risk Awareness and Education), including directing Chairs to
help committees align their materials and trainings and create a common vision for Education.
ensure projects and materials are kept updated with the needs of our organization and communicated to Membership.
assist committees in re-evaluating processes and charters to manage growth and to align better with each other.
Provide general Educational guidance within the organization and research potential new projects and needs for Membership like different Certification Projects.
Consult with chairs, staff, and the Board of Directors as needed to exchange information, present new approaches, and to discuss program changes.
Manage Education pillar policies and manuals. Ensure they are kept updated with the needs of our organization and communicated to Membership.
Develop new initiatives, plans and timelines with the Education Programs Manager.
Help conceptualizing a long-term vision for the WFTDA Education Pillar.
Research potential new learning and testing platforms, techniques and tools to help meet the needs of a culturally and geographically diverse membership base.
Drive projects and campaigns they are passionate about.

Mandatory skills needed:
Strong organizational skills.
Must be able to strongly communicate in any language, and be willing to try in English. (For information purposes, the Education Programs Manager speaks German, English and Spanish.)
Task oriented and results-driven, ability to implement projects and adhere to established timelines.
Must be able to manage projects independently, delegate work effectively, and prioritize tasks.

Desired Qualifications:
Knowledgeable in learning theories, didactical concepts and instructional design/ educational frameworks.
Experience with Online Learning, IT and Technology encouraged, but not required.
Ability to work as part of a group and lead a team, particularly a team of invested, senior level volunteers. Nonprofit or other non-hierarchical leadership experience a plus.

MSR Taskforce
Setting up new Risk Awareness and Education Committee
New Online Learning Platform Migration and Set-up

To apply:  https://forms.gle/gS8ZB2HLvUQtUV7c7
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