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HELP WANTED: Sanctioning Chair
« on: October 04, 2019, 02:30:22 pm »
Sanctioning Chair - Job Description
Committee Chairs lead and manage the committees that execute WFTDA’s daily functions and ongoing development. The Committee Chair oversees committee members, and works under the pillar’s Officer.

Provide leadership and direction to the committee. Facilitate the setting of objectives in the context of the WFTDA vision, mission and strategic direction.
Ensure that the work of the committee is consistent with its function and charter, and that issues of interest to other committees (or to the wider organization) are appropriately referred.
Ensure that the committee functions to accomplish its work. Develop and monitor deadlines and guide tasks to on-time completion. Delegate responsibilities to committee members.
Collaborate with other Chairs within your pillar. Communicate with Officer for cross-pillar or larger organization collaborations.
Report to the committee on decisions of the Board or of executive staff that affect the committee's work.
Report to the Officer, and, when appropriate, to the Board of Directors or staff, on committee activities and decisions.
Where appropriate, guide the committee in proposing new activities and service that will further the mission and goals of the association.
Where appropriate, make policy recommendations to the Officer for transmission to the Board.
Facilitate committee discussions, ensuring that (as far as possible) committee members have the opportunity to contribute and that discussion remains focused and does not become sidetracked or bogged down.
Lead and moderate online discussion via emails and on the WFTDA forum in the Sanctioning area.
Plan and lead committee meetings, using WFTDA conference line: https://docs.google.com/a/wftda.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuSDIeKVuAmNdDZNLUdsdDM3Um03QVRES0FtWWc5NHc&usp=drive_web#gid=0.
Ensure decisions taken by the committee are clear, and that responsibility for taking forward action points is properly allocated. Ensure that decisions reached represent the collective views of the committee,  or, when consensus cannot be reached, a majority view.
Identify committee staffing roles and needs.
Write Help Wanted ads, recruit, and hire new committee members.
Support, advise and mentor (with the support of Officer or relevant staff) new members of the committee.
Quarterly, complete and submit the Quarterly Status Report (QSR) for all active committee members to receive rep credit.
Collaborate with the Marketing team to complete marketing and public relations functions related to the work of the committee.  Identify milestones or initiatives that merit announcement, and draft content for releases. Participate in discussions related to how, when, and via what outlets committee news will release.
Complete financial functions necessary to the committee function:
Work with the Officer to develop budget requests and proposals for review and approval by the Board of Directors.
Once approved, assist the Officer in monitoring spending against the budget.
Complete basic finance functions related to soliciting bids, approving invoices, and submitting reimbursement requests.
Arrange committee travel within the approved budget, according to the travel policy.
Organize and archive committee work, files, resources, and meeting minutes, using the organizational storage resources allocated to the committee.
Complete ad hoc work assigned by the Board of Directors or the Officer, related to the furtherance of the committee and WFTDA wider objectives.
Support, on completion of time in office, the incoming chair through documentation, advice, and de-briefing.
Helping coordinate with the Mothership admins when problems arise and new functions need to be added.
Making sure that new committee members gain access to the Mothership, forum, and Google docs.
Helping to ensure that all paperwork for WFTDA is done and processed in an expedited fashion.
Assist with or lead a discussion on Sanctioning at the annual meeting if needed.
Wrangling paperwork and answering a steady stream of email inquiries daily.

To apply:  https://forms.gle/qQ23S6BDyqU1jHNeA
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