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Update to 3.3 Scoring Avoidance
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:16:19 pm »
The Rules Committee has made a minor revision to the rules-as-published in order to align the language with the historical understanding and implementation of awarding points for Out of Play Blockers at the end of a Jam. This update is limited to section 3.3 Scoring Avoidance and splits the first example bullet into two, differentiating the completion of a scoring trip due to exiting the Engagement Zone from the end of a Jam (changes highlighted):

3.3. Scoring Avoidance
Opponents can only avoid being scored upon by remaining ahead of the Jammer, or by ensuring that when they are passed, the pass is not earned. If a Jammer completes a trip through the Pack without the opportunity to earn a pass on an opponent, the Jammer is said to have earned a pass on that opponent. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Opponents who are ahead of the Engagement Zone when the Jammer completes their trip through the Pack, via the Jam ending or the Jammer by exiting the front of the Engagement Zone
  • Opponents who are ahead of the Engagement Zone at the end of the Jam when the Jammer is on a scoring trip and ahead of the rearmost Pack Blocker

Remaining language unchanged.
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