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FILLED: HELP WANTED: Skating Education Chair
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:21:47 am »
Committee: Skating Education
Contact info: catherine@wftda.com
Position: Chair
Time Commitment: Depending on project around 5-8h/week (less in quiet times)

The purpose of the Skating Education Committee is to create and train on Skating and Coaching related educational materials. SkatingEd takes standards and policies developed by the different committees and creates curriculums, online trainings or learning modules out of them. Based on this, the committee also creates recommendations for other committees to adapt (like the MSR taskforce).

Projects in 2019:
MSR Task force - finishing recommendations and creating guidelines and educational materials as well as testing and assessment clarifications
Develop Coaching Training materials like Coaching Ethics, Psychology of Coaching etc.
Create guides and materials for Skater Safety Education, like the upcoming Equipment Check Guide
Work with Rules and Online Learning + Testing on Rules Training for Skaters

The Skating Education Committee Chair will lead and manage their committee to:
Develop new materials and trainings (see above)
Research potential new projects and needs for Skaters and Coaches
Ensure projects and materials are kept updated with the needs of our organization and communicated to Membership

Mandatory skills needed:
Strong organizational and communications skills
Task oriented and results-driven
Good at delegating and project management

Desired Qualifications:
Experience with skating and coaching encouraged, but not required
Knowledgeable in learning theories, didactical concepts and instructional design/ educational frameworks

Specific Responsibilities Chair:
Manage committee members and ensure continued progress on existing projects
Work with Committee Members on creating new materials, initiatives and trainings

Pending Projects:
MSR taskforce

To apply, go to: