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Committee: Technical Projects
Chair: Dread Hochuli
Contact info: offtech@wftda.com
Position: Developer (Statsbook and Officiating History Document)
Time Commitment:  3-5 hours per month

We are hiring for development and support of both the Officiating History Document and Statsbook. Developer is a loose term here -- familiarity with Excel is required for the Statsbook; familiarity with a programming language is required for the Officiating History Document (python strongly preferred). You will work with the technical team to release updates to each of these products. Understanding of how to use each/either of these products is required. Applicants should express their preference for which product they would like to support; applicants with broad experience may be used to support both products, however, this is not necessary for application. Each product will be supported by a team of a project lead, 2-3 developers, a testing lead, and 1-2 testers.

Required Skills:
- Familiarity with the Statsbook and/or the Officiating History document
- Experience gathering/understanding technical requirements
- Ability to adhere to deadlines
- (OHD) Experience with a programming language required; experience with python strongly preferred.
- (Statsbook) Advanced experience with Excel

Desired Qualifications:
- Experience working with technical teams
- Desire to build user-friendly products
- (OHD) Experience using git or other version control systems
- (Statsbook) Excel wizardry/complex function support

General Responsibilities:
- Support the development of the Officiating History Document and/or the Statsbook
- Work with Officiating Pillar committees when implementing Officiating Products

To apply, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/l0wqEy9vctqPzle42


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Re: HELP WANTED: Developer - Statsbook and Officiating History
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2018, 04:55:08 am »
The Technical Projects committee is still looking for both developers and testers for the Statsbook and the OHD projects. If you are particularly skilled at filling out StatsBooks, enjoy crafting complex Excel formulas and want to lend a hand, please consider applying. Thank you!
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