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HELP WANTED: Liaison to a WFTDA Pillar
« on: August 29, 2018, 04:55:27 pm »
Liaison to a WFTDA Pillar to provide guidance, oversight and assistance in developing online educational and testing materials.

Committee: Online Learning & Testing

Chair: Mass the Ref

Contact info: mass@wftda.com

Position: Pillar Liaison (2 positions open to be filled: Games Liaison and Floating Pillar Liaison)
Time Commitment: 5-10/hrs month (depending on project), but regular quick check-ins preferred

Mandatory skills needed:
The ability to be neutral and unbiased, organized, and objective.
The ability to build project requirements based on conversations with Pillar staff.
Knowledge of online learning environment.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience with development of online learning systems using various media.
Project management experience helpful.
Ability to translate user requirements into design specification using available style guides.

General Responsibilities:
Work with Pillars to facilitate development of online learning and testing materials.
Ensure developed materials conform to OL&T style guidelines (“look and feel test”).
Working closely with the Chair, Education Programs Manager, and Curriculum and Testing Specialist.
Develop timelines for development and deployment of online learning and testing materials.

Specific Responsibilities:
Educate Pillar staff as to style guidelines for online learning and testing materials.
Provide oversight of development process on a per project basis.
Assist in developing materials where required.

To apply, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/ClISmeMvMcYN98933