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HELP WANTED: Advocacy Committee Member
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:48:04 pm »
Committee: Diversity and Inclusion

Subcommittee: Advocacy

Chair: Gloom

Contact Info: diversity@wftda.com

Position:  Committee member

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per month

Mandatory skills needed:
Strong knowledge of concepts relating to intersectional feminism, decolonization and reparation.
Strong writing and communication skills
Strong ability to see long term projects to an end using collaborative task management, follow up, and participation from colleagues.

Desired Qualifications:
Committee Membership will represent a broad variety of identities and experiences within WFTDA. Previous experience with issues related to advocacy, diversity and inclusion valuable but not necessary. 
Critical thinking, familiarity with research methods, online written communication skills, strong analytical skills.

General Responsibilities:
Development and pursuit of a broad variety of projects to diversify org. 
Active discussion of pressing D&I related issues.
Positions inside the committee range from advocating for marginalized groups to athletes at all levels of organization.

Specific Responsibilities:
Writing proposals and policy in support of improving the WFTDA's capacity to advocate for issues affecting its membership in the world at large?
Communication and coordination with other committees and individuals across entire WFTDA organization.
Project conception and management – Build something new!
Develop models for action in addition to discussion.
Interface with other committees and leadership when the group needs resources or collaboration.
Interface regularly with WFTDA membership about the causes and issues they would like the WFTDA to be discussing.

Pending Projects:
Outreach to various groups and communities and get feedback on pressing matters
Advice on resource and policy creation around how we talk about causes outside of WFTDA Roller Derby (for example inter-cultural competence etc.)
Implement Team Indigenous suggestions and other recommendations

Application available online at: https://goo.gl/forms/ETiosXd0z1Dp1UCu2