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HELP WANTED: Apprentice Program Area Coordinators
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:13:10 pm »
Committee: Apprentice Program
Chair: Ima BlowBya
Contact info: apprentice@wftda.com

Position: AP Area Coordinator (this position will be the primary point of contact between AP leagues in an assigned region and the WFTDA. The position is also responsible for tracking the progress of leagues through the program). More than one Area Coordinator may be assigned to an geographic area.

Geographic Areas - Regions of  (West, Midwest, Northeast & South) along with International regions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Puerto Rico, and Central/South America.

Time Commitment: (per week/month):3-5 hours per week

Mandatory skills needed:

*Deep knowledge of the WFTDA, its history, culture, policies and procedures, processes, etc
*Familiarity and access to WFTDA SharePoint
*Familiarity with the WFTDA forum
*Strong organizational skills
*Ability to communicate weekly with Apprentice Program leagues


Desired Qualifications:

* Customer service oriented perspective when interacting with Apprentice Program leagues

* Strong sense of accountability and responsibility
* Strong passion for roller derby and helping new leagues to become familiar with WFTDA.
* Ability to be diplomatic in tough situations.
* Ability to think critically and creatively and to keep an open mind.
* Access to MS Office, Excel, Acrobat, Google Sheets/Docs other productivity tools.



*Primary point of contact/interface between Apprentice Program leagues in assigned geographic area and the WFTDA.

*Track the progress of Apprentice Program leagues in geographic area assigned, this could include: entering the completion of curriculum sections, receiving test/quiz grades from Instructors/Subject Matter Experts, and  completing documents for the Apprentice league once graduation approaches.

*Field general questions from the Apprentice Program leagues in geographic area

To apply, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/iqrcJh43Z4j2SYTw2