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Do you have a passion for skater safety and injury prevention? Do you want to help make our sport safer, and assist in the development of tools to educate your fellow league members to help reduce the risk of injury? Do you have the desire to make changes and implement ideas about the safety of our leagues? If so, the Risk Management Committee is the right place for you!

Position Responsibilities
Assisting in the research of the latest technologies, trends and developments in safety gear, sports medicine, and injury prevention.  Informing and educating league members how to reduce risk of injury, making our sport as safe as possible. Adding your opinions/experiences/expertise to our group discussions, implementing ideas from your league or a certain situation

RM Analyst
Committee members provide support and research pertinent to RM. They may volunteer for any project within the RM committee. All committee members are analysts, additional specific jobs include: 

Forum liaison
Regularly monitor the forum for any postings that are RM’s concern, report back to committee to obtain group response. Requirements: Must have forum access.

Education task force leader
Develop member education materials for risk management guidelines. Applicants with powerpoint experience and adept at online research, preferred.

Crisis task force leader
 Develop guidelines to increase awareness, reduce risk of,  and respond to domestic and foreign attacks. Develop emergency access plan template for situations in case of an immigration ban/no travel ban. Experience with crisis management is preferred but not required

TBI/injury prevention group leader
Concussions are taken very seriously by all sports these days. We must remain up to date on the latest TBI protocols, in order to keep our members informed of the dangers, signs and symptoms and the latest medical treatment. You will be working with an ATC who specializes in concussion rehabilitation and other medical professionals. Some medical knowledge is required.

Time Commitment
•   Responding to emails and providing input in a timely manner (24 to 48 hours).
•   1 hour call via google hangouts the first and third Wednesday of each month at 9pm EST. Meeting attendance is mandatory once per month (members outside the US will be given special consideration).

General Requirements
•   Internet access

To apply, please complete application, right click and save as in this format: JobTitle.YYMMDD.Skater Name, and submit it to helpwanted@wftda.com with the position in the subject line. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the application.

Application here: https://wftda.sharepointsite.net/Admin/HR/Human%20Resources/WFTDA%20Job%20Application.pdf
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Re: HELP WANTED: Risk Management Committee (Multiple Positions)
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The link takes me to a closed World Summit survey.

And I am copy/pasting this to my league. :)
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