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Title: Update to 3.3 Scoring Avoidance
Post by: Rules Committee on July 10, 2019, 06:16:19 pm
The Rules Committee has made a minor revision to the rules-as-published in order to align the language with the historical understanding and implementation of awarding points for Out of Play Blockers at the end of a Jam. This update is limited to section 3.3 Scoring Avoidance (https://rules.wftda.com/03_scoring.html#scoring-avoidance) and splits the first example bullet into two, differentiating the completion of a scoring trip due to exiting the Engagement Zone from the end of a Jam (changes highlighted):

3.3. Scoring Avoidance
Opponents can only avoid being scored upon by remaining ahead of the Jammer, or by ensuring that when they are passed, the pass is not earned. If a Jammer completes a trip through the Pack without the opportunity to earn a pass on an opponent, the Jammer is said to have earned a pass on that opponent. This includes but is not limited to:

Remaining language unchanged.