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Title: New Casebook Entry (C4.3.L) Discussing Abusive Conduct
Post by: Rules Committee on June 10, 2019, 06:15:41 am
Scenario C4.3.L

An Official overhears a Skater making hateful, prejudiced, and/or bigoted remarks.


The Skater is expelled.


Abusive conduct, including but not limited to making remarks or gestures of a racist / sexist / homophobic / transphobic / abelist nature is degrading to the sport and others.

Keep in Mind

Some instances of abusive conduct may be contextual and as a result of ignorance. If the Skater was not reasonably aware that their conduct was abusive, a warning or penalty may be appropriate.

Keep in Mind

Applying in-game penalties for abusive conduct does not prevent event organizers from taking additional actions external-to-gameplay as they deem appropriate. If the abusive conduct was not seen/heard by Officials but instead was reported to Officials (or event organizers), resolution should be handled external-to-gameplay via the event’s procedures.