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Title: Kick Off & Call for Members: Membership Restructure Task Force
Post by: Amy Spears on June 12, 2017, 06:12:09 pm
 Apologies, I was just made aware this wasn't visible to officials, so I am cross-posting this.

WFTDA has been discussing a number of topics relating to the sustainability of our Membership structure for the past several years. These discussions have included such topics as Membership class structure, balancing activity with meaningful contributions, affiliate membership, co-ed leagues as members, representation & democracy, member benefits and resources, and more. To better try to form proposals for moving forward with action on these topics we are forming a Membership Restructure Task Force.

We have had an initial meeting to get things started off. So far, our members are Kimmy Crippler, Screama Donna, Holly GoHardly, Tara Byte and me. All of these folks have some experience working within the Membership Pillar.

We are currently seeking others who might be interested in serving on this committee, and we’ve specifically identified a need for committee members who can represent:

If you are interested in joining this Task Force, please contact Kimmy Crippler (kimmy@wftda.com) and me (amy@wftda.com). We anticipate having monthly meetings, and time commitment will vary as we get into formulating and putting forth proposals.