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Title: HELP WANTED: Rules Theory Panel Member
Post by: gloryskates on April 18, 2017, 08:02:11 pm
Committee: Rules

Chair/Manager: Umpire Strikes Back

Contact info:  rules@wftda.com

This position will be hired to fill a position that has opened in the Panel and will be appointed by the Chair and the BOD.  The position will be up for election in the next Rules election in 2017.

Rules Theory Panel

The Theory Panel brings a theoretical perspective to the rules management process and is responsible for the study, maintenance and oversight of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.  The Theory Panel is charged with gathering information from all the sport’s stakeholders to determine how the game should be played. This requires working closely with skaters, officials, Marketing and Games to ensure that the rules are meeting the needs of these groups. Through continual review of game play, discussion and testing, the Theory Panel creates the concepts behind the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and hands them to the Application Panel, who writes the rules content. The Theory Panel’s role on the Committee is to:

Study the rules and maintain rules knowledge for the organization.Observe game play under the WFTDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and game play of other roller derby organizations to seek out best practices, rules implementation data and trends for the growth of the sport.Safeguard and express the basic rules concepts of flat track roller derby and articulate these concepts to the Application Panel, who writes rules content.Formulate ballot content on rules concepts, which may contain specific rules language, for WFTDA Membership vote.Conduct rules beta testing programs and report on findings to WFTDA membership.Solicit proposed changes and feedback from WFTDA Member leagues, the WFTDA rules user community and officials.Monitor rules feedback, providing clarification of rules concepts and content.Review and consider WFTDA Member league, officials’ and WFTDA management proposals for rules revisions, and initiate rules revisions proposals.Create Q&As and clarifications as required and maintain current Rules library.Work with the other members of the Committee to publish rules revisions on an annual revision schedule.

Candidates must submit a formal application and meet the following experience requirements:

Availability to make the commitment to 1-2 hours per week for attending meetings plus up to 10 hours per week performing tasks and providing deliverables.
Ability to have an online presence (at least every other day) to review and participate in discussions.
Demonstrated knowledge of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.Knowledge of the game of roller derby.
At least two (2) years’ bouting experience in WFTDA regulation interleague games as a skater or official.

Completed Nominations Must be Accompanied by:

WFTDA Job Application, Intent to run/derby resume qualifications - goals, plans, dreams, what you’ve done

To apply, please complete application, right click and save as in this format: JobTitle.YYMMDD.Skater Name, and submit it to rules@wftda.com with the position in the subject line. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the application.

Application Here: https://wftda.sharepointsite.net/Admin/HR/Human%20Resources/WFTDA%20Job%20Application.pdf
Title: Re: HELP WANTED: Rules Theory Panel Member
Post by: Axis of Stevil on April 19, 2017, 02:18:35 am
The post says the application should be sent to Whacks Poetic, but she is no longer on the Rules Committee.  Is this correct?
Title: Re: HELP WANTED: Rules Theory Panel Member
Post by: gloryskates on April 19, 2017, 03:14:59 pm
Sorry, I missed that in the posting. The applications should be sent to Umpire Strikes Back at rules@wftda.com. I've edited the posting. Thanks.